Mortgage brokers are a type of financial adviser with specialist knowledge of the mortgage market. In these turbulent financial times with mortgage lending severely restricted a mortgage broker can help you find not just the best mortgage interest rate but also the right lender to actually agree to advance you the money so that your application goes through smoothly to offer stage.

Internet search engines have made information gathering much easier but there is no replacement for a one to one conversation with a qualified expert who can answer every question you want to ask and advise you whether the lender will accept you.

Importantly, you need to be aware that not all mortgage brokers offer the same service. Some brokers will give free mortgage advice but will then charge administration fees for processing your mortgage. More Choice Mortgage Centre will never charge you a fee of any type. Also, many mortgage brokers only offer mortgages from a limited number of lenders known as a "panel". If a broker has a restricted choice of lenders, there is a good chance they will not find you the best mortgage deal on the market. We do not operate from a panel and offer whole of market mortgage advice. By having more choice we are significantly more likely to find you the best deal on the market and save you money.


1. We can search all the lenders for you
2. We will have exclusive schemes available
3. We have extensive knowledge of lenders criteria
4. We will offer appointment times convenient to you
5. We will complete all the paperwork for you
6. We will progress the application and keep you updated
7. We are available outside normal office hours
8. We have superb technology at our fingertips to help find the right mortgage
9. We have access to specialised lenders and exclusive schemes
10. We pay for your phone calls to us

Oh sorry, there are actually 11 reasons...


We search all the lenders and complete all the paperwork for free
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